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Customer grabs last piece of sushi and sees it start to move

Sushi has become an incredibly popular dish. It’s surprising when you consider that most people in the western world’s first thought when they hear about sushi is that eating raw fish is disgusting.

But this video might be enough to put people off of the delicacy forever.
Of course, sushi is still a divisive food. Some people just can’t get past the idea of eating raw fish.

But those that love sushi say that picky eaters are missing out.
Yet there’s a video that’s become a smash hit online, because the sushi is so raw that it’s still alive!

Even the most adamant sushi fan is sure to feel a little sick at watching this video.
The incident happened at a Japanese sushi chain named Sushiro.

The customer got a plate of clam sushi. Only when he was about to eat the final piece of the sushi, he noticed something shocking.
The piece of sushi was wriggling about on top of the rice. That’s right, the clam wasn’t even dead yet!

Then the customer tapped the sushi with his chopsticks, only to see the sushi start to move even more dramatically.
The customer and his friends kept on poking at the sushi. Soon it had risen from the rice almost entirely.

Luckily, or unluckily if you wanted to continue enjoying sushi, the customer filmed the clam moving about and uploaded it onto Twitter with the caption “The tragedy of Sushiro.”
The tweet has really taken off. It has had almost 8 million views and over 102,000 comments.
The customer had no qualms with eating the moving sushi and later posted to his Twitter feed that the clam was extremely delicious.
It may sound disgusting, but who are we to judge?

Unless you’re a vegan and you don’t wear leather, you’re really doing the same thing as the Twitter user. The only difference is that you don’t get to see the animals moving!
Some people think that sushi is not enjoyed by most people in America, but they’re wrong.In fact, in 2015, only one-third of Americans hadn’t tried sushi. And 39% of Americans ate sushi a minimum of twice a month.

Unsurprisingly, Americans that live far away from the ocean, such as those in the midwest, are the least likely to have tried sushi. After all, it’s harder to safely serve a meal of fresh raw fish the further the fish has to travel.
Also, 62% of the 33.3% of Americans who have never tried sushi would be willing to try it if they had the opportunity.

But maybe not after seeing the video of the moving sushi!
However, there is also a culinary tradition in Japan related to sushi that specializes in the serving of live fish. It’s called Ikizukuri.

Ikizukuri works by storing the live seafood in a tank, not unlike many seafood restaurants in the US. But the big difference is that instead of cooking the seafood fully, an Ikizukuri chef has to prepare the fish with only three knife cuts. Then the animal is given to a customer with the animal’s head still in one piece so a customer can see that the animal’s gills are still moving about.
This kind of seafood sounds a little too extreme for the American palate, but then again, who knows?

Imagine telling an American in the 1950s that over two-thirds of Americans in the 21st century had eaten raw fish served on top of rice. They would probably think that you were crazy!