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Kuwaiti Couple End Marriage Just Three Minutes After Tying The Knot


Think you are crap at making a success of a relationship? Well, there’s no way that you can possibly be as bad as a couple from Kuwait who separated just three minutes after tying the knot.

That takes a special amount of effort.
Basically, the pair were enjoying their wedding day, until the bride lost her footing and then all hell broke loose.

She was ridiculed by her newlywed husband and took such offence to it that she immediately requested that the marriage be annulled.

She obviously decided that the marriage had got off on the wrong foot. After all, nobody likes to be insulted, let alone by their husband on their wedding day.

The marriage lasted just three minutes. Credit: PA

So, when he made the fundamental error of calling her stupid – seriously fellas, not a good idea – she turned straight round to the judge who had presided over the ceremony and demanded that he immediately undo his work.

According to Kuwaiti news channel Q8 (great name), the marriage is the shortest in the country’s history at three minutes of wedded bliss.

As it happens, people are broadly supportive of the woman’s decision. They’ve probably got a point, too. She shouldn’t have to deal with being ridiculed for simply tripping over.

The guests probably didn’t even get their lunch. Credit: PA

Online, one person said: “If this is how he acts right at the beginning, it’s better to leave him.”

Valid point.

Another added: “A marriage with no respect is a failed one right from the beginning.”

All of this does make one wonder how they managed to make it to their wedding day in the first place? If the underlying lack of respect and hatred was there just three minutes into married life, it didn’t just start then and there, you’d have to imagine.

Anyway, this isn’t just limited to the Middle East, either. Back in 2004 a couple from the UK split up after an hour and a half of marriage. That’s not even a full football match, providing there is stoppage time.

At least they can pawn their rings. Credit: PA

The couple exchanged rings and vows at a registry office near Manchester, but then broke it off 90 minutes afterwards. It would seem that the bride took issue with her new husband’s speech – with specific reference to the bridesmaids – and smashed an ashtray over his head.

After that, it all kicked off. The cops attended the scene and the groom ended up in prison after he laid his head into one of the officers. Needless to say, their honeymoon to Greece was cancelled.

Still, 90 minutes is a lifetime compared to three minutes.

Featured Image Credit: PA