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​Elderly YouTuber Writes Down His Subscribers’ Names Then Thanks Them Individually


There are a lot of YouTubers out there – all offering content as varied as you can imagine. Some weird, some wonderful, some just downright worrying.
But every now and again you stumble across an unexpected corner of the Internet that’s just totally heartwarming, like the account of Portuguese YouTuber Nilson Izaias Papinho.

Silver surfer Nilson started uploading YouTube videos 11 months ago, starting off with the occasional tour around the garden – showing us juicy fruit plucked straight off the tree, or birds chilling on the feeder.

In another, he showed us what he was having for breakfast. It was cake, mostly, which we can always appreciate.

Nilson’s YouTube video showing off what he had for breakfast. Credit: YouTube

But a month ago he switched his content up a little to include something else: a very polite thank you to his subscribers.

In a video captioned ‘agradecendo os comentários dos meus inscritos’, which roughly translates as ‘thank you for the comments from my subscribers’, Nilson showed off a list that he’d handwritten in a notebook.

He’d scribbled down the names of everyone who had subscribed to his channel, and went through them all to say thanks for their support.

Nilson likes to write down the names of his subscribers so he can thank them all. Credit: YouTube


A couple of weeks later, he posted another similar video thanking his new ‘amigos e amigas’, and over the next fortnight he continued to do exactly the same – despite the fact his audience was growing day by day as people learned of what he was doing.

By the end of January, Nilson had around 7,000 subscribers, which isn’t bad at all for some random bloke.

But now? Now Nilson’s on 3.4 MILLION.

Nilson also likes to show subscribers how to make slime. Credit: YouTube

Might be a bit of a backlog on those personal thank yous, but we understand, fella.

One fan commented on one of the videos to say: “My God, I’m going to show this video to my mother to see that there are still wonderful people like you in the world because you are an example to the world.”

Someone else wrote: “My human faith has been restored.”

A third said: “Congratulations on the channel Seu Nilson, you deserve many subscribers and all the love in the world!!”

Another person commented to say what he was doing is ‘wholesome as hell’.

Along with the heartwarming videos thanking his adoring fans, several other uploads feature Nilson showing us how to make slime (!) – which, again, is definitely something we can all appreciate.

Here’s to good, wholesome YouTube content! Never change, Nilson.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube