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Woman Snaps Pic at Dollar Tree After Hearing 85-Year-Old’s Heartbreaking Story


Dollar Trees are known for their good deals, but one Dollar Tree store will be known for a heartwarming story.

When Louisa Lenore McKinney was shopping at her local Dollar Tree for wrapping paper, she saw something that made her heart melt.

It was such a moving moment she had to snap a photo and share it with the world on Facebook.

McKinney saw an older man that stopped to ask a woman for some help.

The man said to the woman, “Mam, would you mind helping me out with something?”

he woman said yes, of course, she would help the older man with whatever he needed.

The man said to the woman, “I need help picking out a birthday card.”

“Who is it for?” the woman asked.

“It’s for me, if I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be 85.

“My wife wanted to get me something, but shes very sick and cannot leave the house, and I want her to know I got a birthday card from her.”

The man went on to tell the woman that he had been married to his wife since they were just teenagers.

The couple had children together, and she had stood by his side while he served in the military.

The scene literally brought McKinney to tears as she posted on Facebook about the photo

“It was the picture of love you only read about. I felt so privileged to get to hear this conversation. Melted my heart. Hope you all enjoy.”

The kind woman helped him pick his card and offered him something to make his day a little brighter.

The woman and her husband owned a restaurant, and she offered to treat the man to dinner with his wife whenever they wanted.

The love this man has for his wife is undeniable, and the kindness of this woman shows that there are still kind souls left in the world today.